Scrabble Word Battle – Classic Game with a Twist

“Scrabble Word Battle” is ideal for larger family play sessions. Scrabble has been a board game classic for 70 years. The jumbled puzzles pose a challenge to everyone, including the seasoned players.

As usual, words are searched for like in a crossword puzzle. Here, however, all players use the same 7 letter tiles, which lie open on the table, to form words. The important thing is to place the word on the tableau in such a way that you get the maximum number of points. However, at the end of each round only the word of a player is placed, for which the most points are awarded. Each individual player nevertheless collects points for his or her made-up word in each round, but cannot always actively determine how the board fills up.

Thus, it remains exciting who will find gaps at the very end in order to create isolated letters that will bring in a lot of points. So the players all get the same task for each round and it’s against the clock. The game is very well suited for larger family game groups to form teams.

The new edition of the classic game is entertaining as usual and still offers variety. Ideal for larger groups or family rounds.

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