Scrabble Word of the Day: “Xylobiont”

to a third of all species found in the forest depend on dead or old wood to survive. These species, which depend on dead or old wood, are called “xylobionts” (Xylos = wood, Bios = life). Dead branches, dead standing and fallen trees are, however, a rare scenery in many forests today. In addition, the name dead wood is quite misleading. Dead trees or large fallen branches are anything but lifeless on the contrary they provide food and habitat for various species such as beetles, wild bees, bats, birds, fungi and bacteria.

Over 1100 species of beetles and a new species discovered
1150 insect species were discovered, of which more than 100 species were found for the first time forests of Austria and Switzerland and one species for the first time ever. The results are astonishing, among other things, because only certain methods were used and only certain species groups, such as deadwood beetles, were searched. If we were to expand our research, we would certainly have discovered many more species. Already now other species including real rarities, which only occur in Central Europe or Austria in this area have been detected almost by chance.


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