From Monopoly to Wizard. The Best-Selling games of all time


In times of PC games, Nintendo Switch and PS 5 , classic parlor games don’t have it easy . For many, they just gather dust in the closet or have already been completely sorted out. Board games and card games have their very own charm. And some of them are so good that they have achieved cult status. Just think of “don’t get angry” or “UNO”. They always go.

Our plea: Sink less time into online games, instead pull out the well-known classics more often. By the way, it’s also allowed if you don’t have children. After all, these games have not sold millions of copies for nothing. But what is the best-selling game in the world and which bestsellers do you still need to know about? We provide you with all the information – fun included!

1. The world’s best-selling game: Monopoly

2. Successful classic: The settlers of Catan

3. Popular parlor game: game of life

4. The Amazon best-selling game: Skyjo

5. Medieval placement game: Carcassonne

6. Probably the best-selling trivia game: Trivial Pursuit

7. Best-selling family games: The Mad Maze

8. The most popular party game: Activity

9. Bestselling card game: Wizard

10. One of the most successful games ever: Scrabble

Italian Brothers Start Distributing ‘Patriot Crosswords’ on Beaches

The watchwords are carved in the large posters with the face of Giorgia Meloni that cover the country: “Ready to revive Italy”. The electoral campaign of the Brothers of Italy began with a series of billboards, decided during the last national leadership of the party, last week.

There will be no meetings in the holiday resorts: no one wants to disturb the Italians in a moment of vacation and rest from work, he explains. But the party leaders are evaluating some ‘low profile’ initiatives, such as the distribution of party gadgets, or ironic, such as the one experienced in recent years, of the ‘patriot crossword’. Already in August 2020, in view of the September Regionals, FdI had volunteers distribute a flyer on the beaches, ‘The patriot’s riddle’, in which a crossword puzzle (or ‘Cruciverba‘ in Italian), a rebus and other puzzles were reported. “It is only convenient for those who live in the center: Scooter; European scam: Mes; The grillini shouted it before going to the government: Honesty; He shouts and often changes his mind: Grillo; Keeps the government in check: Italy alive”, were some definitions of ‘crosswords’ contained in the publication.

Now the deputy and national head of the organization of the Brothers of Italy, Giovanni Donzelli, is working on an updated version of the crossword puzzle to the campaign for policies. At the end of August, however, the real campaign in the area will start. The goal will be to bring Meloni to all the regional capitals. The model is the one experimented by FdI in previous campaigns and by Meloni. FdI is working on organizing a large rally to close the electoral campaign with all the allied leaders of the center-right. But it is not yet clear when and where it will be organised.