From Monopoly to Wizard. The Best-Selling games of all time


In times of PC games, Nintendo Switch and PS 5 , classic parlor games don’t have it easy . For many, they just gather dust in the closet or have already been completely sorted out. Board games and card games have their very own charm. And some of them are so good that they have achieved cult status. Just think of “don’t get angry” or “UNO”. They always go.

Our plea: Sink less time into online games, instead pull out the well-known classics more often. By the way, it’s also allowed if you don’t have children. After all, these games have not sold millions of copies for nothing. But what is the best-selling game in the world and which bestsellers do you still need to know about? We provide you with all the information – fun included!

1. The world’s best-selling game: Monopoly

2. Successful classic: The settlers of Catan

3. Popular parlor game: game of life

4. The Amazon best-selling game: Skyjo

5. Medieval placement game: Carcassonne

6. Probably the best-selling trivia game: Trivial Pursuit

7. Best-selling family games: The Mad Maze

8. The most popular party game: Activity

9. Bestselling card game: Wizard

10. One of the most successful games ever: Scrabble

Italian Brothers Start Distributing ‘Patriot Crosswords’ on Beaches

The watchwords are carved in the large posters with the face of Giorgia Meloni that cover the country: “Ready to revive Italy”. The electoral campaign of the Brothers of Italy began with a series of billboards, decided during the last national leadership of the party, last week.

There will be no meetings in the holiday resorts: no one wants to disturb the Italians in a moment of vacation and rest from work, he explains. But the party leaders are evaluating some ‘low profile’ initiatives, such as the distribution of party gadgets, or ironic, such as the one experienced in recent years, of the ‘patriot crossword’. Already in August 2020, in view of the September Regionals, FdI had volunteers distribute a flyer on the beaches, ‘The patriot’s riddle’, in which a crossword puzzle (or ‘Cruciverba‘ in Italian), a rebus and other puzzles were reported. “It is only convenient for those who live in the center: Scooter; European scam: Mes; The grillini shouted it before going to the government: Honesty; He shouts and often changes his mind: Grillo; Keeps the government in check: Italy alive”, were some definitions of ‘crosswords’ contained in the publication.

Now the deputy and national head of the organization of the Brothers of Italy, Giovanni Donzelli, is working on an updated version of the crossword puzzle to the campaign for policies. At the end of August, however, the real campaign in the area will start. The goal will be to bring Meloni to all the regional capitals. The model is the one experimented by FdI in previous campaigns and by Meloni. FdI is working on organizing a large rally to close the electoral campaign with all the allied leaders of the center-right. But it is not yet clear when and where it will be organised.

Mixes Scrabble with Battle Royale – Better than any vocabulary test

There are combinations that you don’t expect. Scrabble and Battle Royale are such a mixture, which neither sounds particularly obvious nor logical. Nevertheless, the new game “Babble Royale” on Steam provides real thrills.

What kind of game is it? You can find “Babble Royale” for free on Steam. It has been available since December 15, 2021 and is in Early Access. There aren’t too many reviews yet: There are only 35 at the time of writing this article, but 91% of them are positive (via Steam).

The game is definitely worth a look. The basic principle is easy to explain: A match actually runs like a game of Scrabble. That is, you have a board with fields on which you have to create words from a limited selection of letters. Up to 16 players can play at the same time.

Doch hier kommt der Battle-Royale-Aspekt ins Spiel: Gemeinsam mit allen anderen Spielern springt ihr erstmal als Buchstabe „A“ auf das Spielbrett zu. Dabei könnt ihr frei auswählen, wo auf dem Feld ihr letztlich landet – eher im Zentrum, oder lieber außen. Das Problem: Die sogenannte „Hot Zone“ schrumpft wie bei den Genre-Kollegen Fortnite, Warzone und Co. im Laufe des Spiels von außen nach innen zusammen.

Eure Aufgaben ist es also, euch schnellstmöglich in den sicheren Bereich vorzuarbeiten, indem ihr Worte aneinander reiht. Doch Vorsicht ist geboten! Eure Gegner können euch killen, indem sie ein eigenes Wort an eures anlegen. Gleichzeitig könnt ihr aber genau so versuchen, eure Feinde mit kreativen Buchstabenkombinationen in die Bedrouille zu bringen.

Um euch einen Vorteil zu verschaffen, könnt ihr Power-Ups auf dem ganzen Feld einsammeln und euer Level erhöhen. Dann dürft ihr beispielsweise mehr Buchstaben tragen oder bekommt schneller Nachschub. Denn: Euer Buchstabenvorrat ist begrenzt und wird immer erst nach einem Cooldown wieder aufgefüllt.

Scrabble Word Battle – Classic Game with a Twist

“Scrabble Word Battle” is ideal for larger family play sessions. Scrabble has been a board game classic for 70 years. The jumbled puzzles pose a challenge to everyone, including the seasoned players.

As usual, words are searched for like in a crossword puzzle. Here, however, all players use the same 7 letter tiles, which lie open on the table, to form words. The important thing is to place the word on the tableau in such a way that you get the maximum number of points. However, at the end of each round only the word of a player is placed, for which the most points are awarded. Each individual player nevertheless collects points for his or her made-up word in each round, but cannot always actively determine how the board fills up.

Thus, it remains exciting who will find gaps at the very end in order to create isolated letters that will bring in a lot of points. So the players all get the same task for each round and it’s against the clock. The game is very well suited for larger family game groups to form teams.

The new edition of the classic game is entertaining as usual and still offers variety. Ideal for larger groups or family rounds.

When I am in training, I master 90 percent of the dictionary

Since Wellington Jighere became the first African to win the World Scrabble Championship in 2015, his country has celebrated him as a superstar. In Nigeria, Scrabble is not just a game, but a prestigious sport. For his training, he chooses a very solitary method.

As a meeting place, the Scrabble champion has suggested a small tournament in a nondescript conference center on the outskirts of Lagos. Players sit across from each other at 30 small tables in the glaring neon light of a conference room. Whoever wins at the end of the day will receive the equivalent of 180 euros and will be allowed to compete in the state championship in a few weeks.

Wellington Jighere, the 2015 world champion, has long since qualified for this. So he won’t be competing in this tournament. But the 35-year-old pro loves the atmosphere. This concentrated silence, which can probably only be found in this form at Scrabble events with such a gathering of people in Lagos. Broken only by the clicking of the letter tiles. Or the murmur of the spectators when an exciting game is nearing its end. It is the quiet soundtrack of his life.

Here he is a superstar. A BBC television crew has come to interview him. Players approach him, ask for advice. Since Jighere became the first African ever to win the World Cup title and $10,000 (8577 euros) in Australia three years ago, he has had celebrity status. An enormous achievement, especially since he had only arrived in Perth shortly before the first match. The host country almost denied him a visa – a recurring problem for Nigerian Scrabble players at international tournaments.

Scrabble Towers: Tower construction with letters

From the house of Mattel comes Scrabble Towers. The relationship to Scrabble is obvious, even though one the board is much smaller and the other the letterstones is much larger. Soon it becomes clear that some things work differently than the classic cross. From nine letter towers, one may form a chain of letters from the above, which in the optimal case results in a meaningful word. The letters used are taken down from the respective tower and piled up again in front of you. If you are lucky or skilled, you will get one to three bonus stones. And in the end, whoever has the highest tower wins.

The few rules of the game are explained in one minute and we start: A-Q-K-R-S-I-Z-H-W. What can you build from it? HARZ would work, but for that the letters would also have to form a chain, which they do not. We’re going. That’s only three tiles + one bonus tile. Not a bad start. The W, I and R disappear as a tower in front of the player. That’s what C-B-R comes out for. Fortunately, the A is still there, enough for a BAR. Lucky! With the A, however, the second and last vowel disappears. And unfortunately there are no new ones. Unfortunately, even before the third player takes his turn, the remaining consonants cannot be made into a “meaningful” word. What does the rule say? Nothing. Meaning: If one player is unable to form a word, the next one is in turn. Yes, and what’s he doing? He has the same letters at his disposal. Is there a hand missing from the rules of the game? Apparently not.

The game is declared finished and a new one is started. This time, the first three players can form a word. But the fourth looks back into the tube. Lack of vowels. That’s when Scrabble Towers disappear back into the packaging. After ten minutes, explanation time included and with the nod of the teammates. And the way it looks, it’s gonna stay there. Scrabble Towers is, if you want to put it heretically, typical Mattel of the 80s: a lot of colourful plastic with no playful value. The game simply doesn’t work in its present form. That’s the worst thing you could say about a game, but it’s been a long time since it’s been so clear to me.

Scrabble player fights for world champion title

English teacher Brigitte Brath from Künzelsau is traveling to India as the only German participant. There she plays for the world championship title.

Admittedly, Brigitte Brath’s passion for English Scrabble kindled relatively late, eleven years ago to be exact. But the English lecturer at Reinhold Würth University has always had a love of board games – and her affinity for the English language has been with her for a long time. Participation in international tournaments But in the eleven years she has come a long way with Scrabble, because the teacher regularly plays in international tournaments.

Gender Cracker! 10 points if you use the star stone in Scrabble

Who doesn’t know them, the miserable Scrabble discussions about words that supposedly exist or don’t exist. Now there is another tile that stimulates the “discourse on current language change” : the gender tile.

Worth a whole 10 points! Scrabble introduces gender tile
The concept of Scrabble is as simple as it is simple: the players have to use stones with letters on them to create logical words that are as long as possible. For each correct word, the points on the respective Scrabble stones are added up. Now there is an innovation in the board game classic: the *IN stone .

“With the gender stone in Scrabble, we have the opportunity to provide the stumbling block for gender-appropriate language. It is a visible sign that the rules of the game in society have changed,” explains Anne Polsak, Head of Corporate Communications at Mattel Germany, in the official press release .

The Scrabble King – Niggel Richards

Nigel Richards is a genius in his field: he plays Scrabble like no other. Who is the man who wins the word game even in a foreign language?

Nigel Richards is something of the Roger Federer of the Scrabble world – a genius in his field, admired by all. However, the 48-year-old is unsuitable for being a beamer on the winner’s podium. He looks cranky, with his oversized wire frame on his nose and a fringed bushy beard.

When the taciturn New Zealander directs his penetrating gaze at the Scrabble board, the opponents tremble. He conjures crisp words out of the most impossible alphabet salad. Richards is considered the best player ever. He has been world champion three times.

His talents, according to Howard Warner, chairman of the New Zealand Scrabble Players’ Association: a photographic memory and a rare mathematical gift. Scrabble at the highest level requires above all the calculation of mathematical probabilities.

“When he started speaking, he wasn’t interested in words at all, only numbers,” his mother Adrienne Fischer tells New Zealand newspapers. “He connected everything with numbers. We thought it was normal.” When he was 28, his mother suggested he play Scrabble. His talent quickly became apparent.

When playing in English, good players use more than 80,000 words between two and eight letters in their memory. The best have also saved many of the 29,000 nine-letter words.

In search of a new challenge, he quickly learned the spelling of all words with two to ten letters from the official French Scrabble dictionary – in nine weeks, as New Zealand newspapers reported. He won the competition in Belgium earlier this week against a man from Gabon who speaks fluent French.


Did you know that you can change the board game “Scrabble”?

Language shapes thinking. So anyone who changes in everyday life is rethinking in the long term. To simplify the whole thing, Mattel launched a gender stone for “Scrabble” for game fans in April this year. It is provided with a gender asterisk and the suffix “IN”.

So if you play a game with the team and place professions, you can place words like “manager”, “boss” or “scrounger”. The gender stone can be ordered free of charge from the Mattel web shop . A maximum of four stones per person can be purchased. The gender stones give ten points when placed. And also a different game instructions for “Scrabble” is available in the download area.